A casino fraud investigator with a unique skill set reveals how to catch a cheater

A casino fraud investigator who trains casinos around the world on how to protect their assets has revealed how he catches a cheater. Watch below:

It seems like the crowd-influenced gaming world portrayed by Hollywood films, such as Casino and The bite, is rightly or wrongly a thing of the past.

Sal Piacente, 57, has caught ‘the end’ of Mafia ownership of Las Vegas, but admits the movies we loved growing up are pretty accurate.

Martin Scorsese’s famous scene Casino – where an unlucky bettor gets his fingers crushed after being caught – was considered to fall into the category of “real” incidents.

Robert De Niro in Casino (1995). Credit: Alamy

Sal, who looks a bit like a New York mobster himself, told LADbible, “This movie depicts a lot of real incidents and a lot of real characters.

“They’re really doing their homework on this movie. Yeah. Great movie.”

Although he looks like a Don, Sal works for the “good guys” and hates seeing people get ripped off.

He has been in the game for over 30 years, working as a dealer, supervisor and player.

Sal’s unique skills allow him to memorize magazines, 50-digit numbers, card games, and quick math. Even as a child, he learned to “memorize four hours of study in just 10 minutes.”

The guy seriously knows his stuff.

Sal is currently president of Universal Game Protection and “The Hitman” explained, “What I do full time is give lectures to casinos around the world, on how to protect their assets.


“I show how dealers cheat, how players cheat, how would players advantage and, most importantly, how to deter and detect it.”

Sal went on to talk about his process: “The first thing they would do is send me the tape. Let me see the game, the game will drop it. Follow the money when they bet, watch the games, watch Strategy is number one.

“Hope you’ll have some good footage to watch, but you want to see replays of the band constantly winning, you want to try and rack up as much footage as every contestant, person analysis, you want to watch a dealer.

Then he said, “You want to look at the equipment, I mean, you want to look at the procedures to see where they can be exploited.

“So we (referring to his equally talented wife who works with him) usually drive a day early to visit the property to review the operation before anyone knows who we are. And then we’ll do an assessment exterior.

“We look at the personnel, we look at the equipment and we look at their procedures, and we look for vulnerabilities. And then in training, whatever is observed is covered.”

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Now, we’ve all heard the saying, “the house always wins”.

But what does it do really medium?

Sal explained: “Well, the house always wins. Of course, that’s a statement. But what it means is all the games that casinos have, or mathematically designed for casinos to win.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that people still can’t have the edge over a casino.

He added: “Advantage players are constantly coming up with ways to try and gain an edge over the house.

“The game is designed mathematically, where the player shouldn’t win, but people will win if they’re lucky. And of course that’s a good thing for casinos.

“That’s why when people win a lot of money, the first thing casinos want to do is try to keep them there. How do you keep someone there – you give them free rooms.

“You give them free buffets, you give them free gifts, anything to keep them coming back. If a person keeps winning consistently, then you’re going to look to see if that player is lucky? Or is that ‘he is doing something ?

“And generally my rule of thumb is play, play will give up when you see people doing weird things that they shouldn’t.

“For example, I have video footage here. And you’ll see a person bet very low, then all of a sudden, bet two hands, Max wind table, then go back to very low. There’s no way that this player legitimately wants to make those big bets.”

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But the biggest issue Sal addresses with casinos is floor supervisors.

As I reminded him, it’s not like Robert De Niro is walking around the casino, which he agreed to.

He concluded: “The biggest misconception is that a lot of floor supervisors aren’t as trained as they should be, they don’t know as much as people think. I’m not talking about all casinos, I I’m just talking about, I’m not going to say the majority, but a lot of them, so that’s a misconception.

“People are fooled by the costume.”