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Translation credits: Jetroyz, Alterist, Iana

“I’ve been wanting to meet the people of the island of Rhodes for quite a while now. Nice to meet you again, Doctor, you can call me Heidi.”


“…the daughter of famous poet Mr. Thomson, fledgling novelist Heidi Thomson, shared her thoughts on the job at the salon, praising it.

“Heidi, in her usual lighthearted style, spoke about how the work moved her.”

“The review article is detailed in the seventh edition.”

“Stop reading this. This show was a month ago, and they only talked about it now. Several people involved are missing.”

“Yes, I know, I’m just worried about our messenger.”

“She hasn’t come back yet?…I’m sure she’ll let us know if she’s in danger.” She always has a way of getting those letters out, doesn’t she?

“…I understand, but she is too important for our mutual aid militia. If there is bad news, I will definitely ask the commander to save her as soon as possible.”

“Before the news comes, let’s make two more crossbows.”


Race: Feline

Place of birth: Victoria

Skill: Writing (Fiction)

“When it comes to the composition of formal wear and jewelry, I have a lot of experience.


Illustrator: 熊太

CV: Sekine Akira