Best Horizon Forbidden West Trapper Skills

The Trapper tree has some of the best skills for players who want to prepare to enter Forbidden Horizon West. Unlike the other five skill trees, the trapper skill tree increases the duration and effectiveness of food and traps. The tree also contains weapon abilities that improve travel and essential rope throwers to fight off the heaviest endgame enemy machines, not to mention two valor thrusts that are more than capable of dealing with various combat challenges.

[Warning: Possible spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West below.]

In Horizon Zero Dawn, there was no tree specific to the trap. Instead, abilities have been relegated to the support-focused blacksmith skill tree. The trapper skill tree in west forbidden carries the same objective of support but develops it further. From increasing the effects of the newly added food function to improving each new and recurring trap in west forbidden to even out crafting speed and damage potential, the trapper skill is more than a single support skill tree.


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The Trapper’s Tree highlights a gameplay mechanic mostly overlooked in Horizon Zero Dawn: machine hunting. Prior to engaging, machines like the Thunderjaw or Stormbird were relatively easy to outsmart or wear out, and this was doubly so for lower level machines. However, west forbidden expands on this by focusing on preparation before a battle, from buffs specializing in food and celestial traps that target enemies in the sky to tripwires that provide an energy shield. The Trapper tree has the best skills for players who like to ambush using traps like Horizon Forbidden West’s new vertical traps or take advantage of passives that make the game more manageable. Among the wide range of trapper skills, here are the best trapper skills in Forbidden Horizon West prioritize before the next hunt.

Resilient Trapper and Skilled Scavenger are low priority in Forbidden West (for now)

Resilient trapper and skilled scavenger in Forbidden West.

Accidents are inevitable when hunting machines in west forbidden, and that’s what the Resilient Trapper skill is made to solve. Essentially, the skill reduces the damage dealt to players who trigger their own traps. However, since the player has a limited number of traps to place and the traps are relatively difficult to trigger in the event of an accident, this skill is a lower priority.

The Resilient Trapper skill goes hand in hand with the Skilled Scavenger, a skill that scavenges more resources when deconstructing traps and has a chance to gather higher quality resources. This skill is great when reallocating resources to buy different weapons or mini-game pieces for Horizon Forbidden West’s machine strike board game. However, given the niche of the Skilled Salvager skill, it is at the bottom of the priority skills. Between the two, Skilled Salvager is a step up from Resilient Trapper, given that resources, especially rare ones, are somewhat hard to come by in the late game.

Enjoy Forbidden West food buffs vs fast crafting

Food in the West prohibited.

Before the player engages the machines scattered around the west forbidden, there is almost always a moment to scan and explore the area, mark machine parts that can be useful in crafting or buying armor. This lull before fights gives players the ability to gear up, place traps, and eat food that provides various effects and buffs. Unfortunately, like other features, Forbidden Horizon West could have done better; the food buff feature isn’t as nuanced and doesn’t last very long. The Food Duration skill seeks to address this issue by extending the duration of food beyond its expiration date, allowing players to benefit from effects and buffs for longer.

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However, players are sometimes susceptible to burning resources such as traps, tools, or potions once engaged in combat. During this decisive moment in battle, the Nimble Crafter comes into play, crafting these items faster. Of the two skills, food duration would be a higher priority, but getting both would likely be beneficial in the long run.

Quick Trapper & Trap Limit highlight Forbidden West’s best features

Fast trapper and limit traps in Forbidden West.

Among the new gameplay additions to west forbidden, from every mountable machine to the high-tech glider, traps seemed to have a greater impact on every game than the first game. Quick Trapper and Trap Limit lean into this necessity, allowing players to quickly set up an area with various traps. As the name suggests, Quick Trapper allows the player to place traps faster, and Trap Limit increases the number of traps and tripwires the player can place.

The trap limit can also be extended if the player has a weave mod or outfit that increases the number of traps. If given the chance, the player should opt for Limit Trap over Quick Trapper. Most often, the player can either attack the machines of Forbidden Horizon West with Aloy’s improved spear head-on or take out enemies from afar. However, when it comes to traps, setting more traps with Trap Limit is better and takes longer than placing fewer traps with Quick Trapper, faster.

Forbidden West Trapper Surges Highly Player Dependent

The value of trappers increases in Forbidden West.

The Valor Surges for the Trapper skill tree are some of the most devastating and underrated in Forbidden Horizon West. Elemental Fury increases the stacking of the elemental status effect on all weapons and increases the player’s elemental resistance. As for Trap Specialist, it increases the effects of traps and tripwires. Although it may not seem like much, the player can place traps of multiple status effects, all applying at once or staggered throughout the fight.

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As bravery climbs in Forbidden Horizon West, the choice between Elemental Fury or Trap Specialist depends on playstyle. Elemental Fury is the way to go if the player has weapons with status effects and fights with little or no preparation. However, if the player is leaning towards placing traps and luring machines, the trap specialist is the choice. Regardless of the skill, both are made to turn the tide of a battle or make it extremely fast.

Penetrating Rope is the best skill for Trappers in Forbidden West

Penetrating Rope in Forbidden West.

The Penetrating Rope skill buffs the Rope Thrower, allowing the player to target any piece of machinery, including armor, saving valuable time when locking down machinery. The other weapon technique, Quick Wire, will allow players to place tripwires faster within a preset length. This ability would be a great back-up plan when battling the toughest versions of enemies like one of the most brutal machines in Forbidden Horizon West, the Apex Slitherfang that can survive most traps and tripwires. Both weapon techniques are vital in a fight, but the Penetrating Rope is essential, especially when facing larger machines like the Thunderjaw, Stormbird, or Slitherfang.

The trapper skill tree is probably the most overlooked of the six skill trees in Forbidden Horizon West. However, given that it is filled with passive boosts that will make the player’s life in the game easier, as well as abilities meant to cater to the most demanding machines, it is one of the most vital skill trees. The enemies in west forbidden are bigger and more difficult. If the player has a chance to beat anything Horizon Forbidden West’s AI has improved zero dawn and for the vast ruins of the old world, it’s worth being prepared, and the trapper skill tree will do just that.

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