Best Trade Skills Lost Ark

the best trade skills in Lost Ark are the ones you should focus on first. All trade skills have their uses, so none of them should be completely ignored. However, there are a handful that should take precedence, at least initially. This is what we are going to discuss in this guide; what business skills are best to focus on as soon as you get them.

Best Trade Skills Lost Ark

Best trade skills in Lost Ark

The best trade skills in Lost Ark, for the purposes of this guide, will be the ones you should focus on early on. As we already said in the first paragraph, all of these skills are useful on their own. You can read more about them in our Unlocking Trade Skills guide. However, there are those that are more important than others, which deserve your attention as soon as you can. These are logging, mining, and foraging. Logging and mining should be your top priority, with foraging coming next. Let’s explain why very quickly.

Logging and mining allow you to gather large amounts of materials that you can use to upgrade your fortress. The higher your level in these skills, the more quality materials you will get. Soon, you’ll be able to research and craft new buildings, which will unlock new level-up crafting recipes for things like potions and bombs. This is where the foraging trade skill comes second in Lost Ark – it allows you to gather plants and mushrooms and craft the aforementioned potions and explosives. Might as well have better things to do with all that flora, right?

That said, even though mining and logging are slightly more important than foraging, that doesn’t mean you should forget about it and only work on wood and metal. Keep picking these plants and mushrooms at the same time, as much as possible. The other things, like fishing, hunting, and digging, can wait until later in the game. Fishing and hunting give you cooking ingredients, which you use to get buffs in raids and that sort of thing , while digging gives you other crafting items. Very useful stuff, but not immediately necessary.