Bringing employability skills to students

Udaan Aviation Academy, India’s top aviation learning platform and JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad, a local unit of JCI (Junior Chamber International), a global youth non-profit organization spread across approximately 124 countries, have associates to provide employability skills to pandemic-affected students and unemployed professionals.

This is a noble job readiness initiative called “Enhancing Employability – Unleashing Potential” which aims to upgrade everyone with the top five job readiness skills through sessions from June 4 which are conducted free of charge, Rakesh Dhannarapu, President of JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad told a press briefing here on Friday.

The “Enhancing Employability – Unleashing Potential” series will be conducted on the following employability skills that have been identified as having a significant impact on job aspirants: Optimizing your presence on Linkedin (networking and content creation, profile optimization, etc.); Creation of a refreshing resume (key resume ingredients, process, don’ts and more); Modernize your job search strategy (traditional vs modern strategy, recruitment psychology and more); Improve your personal brand (branding: product vs. person, how-to, KLT factors and more) and your job preparation and interview skills (fear factor, interview questions, checklist and more ).

These sessions which are part of the Enhancing Employability series are designed to increase aspirants’ chances of employment and help them successfully cross the ratio. To register for the virtual 5-session series, visit: and get started on being more employable than ever.

It should be mentioned that getting a job also involves gambling. Typically, candidates have a chance of being hired at a ratio of 240:1 considering several filters set by recruiters. Although the odds don’t seem to be in the candidate’s favor, the chances of success skyrocket when you become truly work-ready, said Subhashis Modak, head of learning and development at Udaan Aviation Academy.

Employment has been a primary measure of success for every young adult. A significant portion of India’s workforce is either unemployed (unemployed) or underemployed (employment well below its true potential). Honestly, there is very little to complain about the national economy and government for the ordeal. Instead, it’s time to address it. And get your dream job without having to look for references from mamas and chachas, added Mr. Nikhil Poojary, co-founder and COO of Udaan Aviation Academy.

Udaan leads initiatives like Udaan Paathshaala which aims to improve the job readiness quotient of young people and mentor them to make the right career choices. The initiative also works with school children and explores various career opportunities beyond the normal such as aviation, logistics, etc. On the other hand, JCI Buddhapurnima Hyderabad, a unit of JCI global non-profit organization is working to implement this initiative. as a launching pad to uplift anyone whose career has been impacted by the pandemic.