Conor McGregor makes a ridiculous claim about his skills

Getty Images/Thomas King

Conor McGregor has a history of misrepresenting his MMA career. He somehow convinced himself that he could beat Khabib Nurmagomedov after Khabib tore him down in a title fight. He believes Dustin Poirier’s last win against him was somehow illegitimate even though he was close to losing before his injury.

There was even a time when McGregor was trying to convince fans that he was the best fighter in the world despite not having a title defense in his career. Now he has managed to convince himself that he has the best ground and the best book in MMA.

This is a claim that is based on very little evidence. McGregor rarely scores takedowns. Instead, most of his time on top when he’s on the ground is a result of knockdown. This means that the opponents he is on are already close to being finished and are also less able to defend themselves.

So, yes, he finished a lot of fights on the ground, but those finishes weren’t the result of superior ground and pound. In fact, McGregor had a few fights with plenty of opportunities to finish with the ground and the pound, but he struggled to finish.

McGregor knocked down Eddie Alvarez and Nate Diaz 3 times each. He didn’t finish Diaz and Alvarez only needed a few follow-up shots to be finished. He also took down Max Holloway 4 times early in his career and only managed to land 53 strikes.

As long as fighters like Jon Jones, Gregor Gillespie and Khamzat Chimaev still exist, Conor McGregor’s ground and pound shouldn’t be in the conversation of MMA’s best.