Developer strikes ‘devastating’ deal

It turns out that releasing a video game through PlayStation Plus isn’t always necessarily the best decision.

While games like fall guys and Galactic Deep Rock could have found audiences they never normally would have through launching via PlayStation Plus, what works for one game doesn’t always work for all Game. This was obviously the case for Oddworld: Soulstorm.

As you remember, Oddworld: Soulstorm was one of the free PlayStation Plus games of April 2021 and was a hit. But in a recent interview with Xbox Expansion Pass, Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder and president Lorne Lanning revealed he felt the inclusion of the latest Oddworld games on Sony’s subscription service was “devastating”. .

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Lanning said when asked for his thoughts on services like PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, before launching into the story of how storm soul was negatively affected.

A number of factors, including financial problems, have meant that development on storm soul was struggling. So when Sony offered the studio a deal to launch the game on PlayStation Plus in return for an undisclosed amount of funding, Lanning agreed.

He told Xbox Expansion Pass that he considered it a pretty good deal. That much, storm soul was due to launch in January 2021, just two months after the PlayStation 5 launched. With the well-documented supply issues and stories of customers struggling to get a next-gen console, Lorne felt that Oddworld Inhabitants would gain more thanks to the agreement with Sony that it would only “lose” for free PlayStation Plus downloads from storm soul. “We needed the money to complete the project and we thought we got a good deal,” he said.

Unfortunately, COVID meant that storm soul was delayed from January to April – but the deal to launch it for free on PlayStation Plus for an entire month was still in place.

With more PlayStation 5 consoles moved between January and April, storm soul ended up being downloaded by far more users than Lanning had anticipated. According to him, it has become one of the most downloaded games on PS5.

“Almost 4 million,” Lanning lamented. “For free. Because it was a subscription. So for us, it was devastating.”

storm soul has since been released on other platforms, including Xbox Series X/S. However, he did not discuss what impact the launch of the PlayStation Plus game might have had on those sales.