Dislyte Dhalia: Skills, Relic Sets, and Playstyle

These characters are officially called Espers, and the game has a massive list of 60 espers. They are all unique and have unique abilities and skills; Some of the strongest espers include Unas, Drew, Triki, Meredith, and many more. Our guide follows one of the most powerful espers in the game, Dhalia.

If you want to know more about the best Dislyte espers, consider reading our Dislyte Tier List. And if you’re new to the game, we recommend checking out our Dislyte Beginner’s Guide.

Role of Dhalia in Dislyte

Dhalia, as she appears in Dislyte.

As previously mentioned, Dhalia is one of the most powerful of the 60 espers featured in Dislyte. Dhalia is a 4 stars Esper stream support. She is also a teacher at Esper Union Academy, and she wields the divine power of Calypso. Dhalia is one of the best and easiest to use support espers.

She has a stern attitude, but despite this, she is very popular and adored among her students due to her heroism. Even if you’re a favorite student, don’t think to slack off on your homework because no detail escapes his veteran eye.

How to summon Dhalia in Dislyte?

Dislyte’s Espers are summoned in-game through a system called “Echo”. Echo is extremely similar to summon systems that are featured in other Gacha games, such as the wish system in Genshin Impact.

Dhalia, in particular, is a Ripple dimension exclusive that you will need to farm to get. It is dimension exclusive, so that means it cannot be summoned from anywhere else. This makes getting Dhalia a real chore for people who don’t spend too much time on the game.

There is also lucky roll which is similar to echo. So, you can hope that you will get the esper you desire from it. This tedious process of getting the character you want is very common in Gachas. When you pass the obstacle and get Dhalia, it’s a very solid support class that you can even fit into a full tank.

Why should you use Dhalia?

Dhalia is one of Dislyte’s strongest espers, and the main reason to use Dhalia is to be an excellent support class. If you like to play in support, she is one of the best choices because she can be integrated directly into a tank unit.

What is a Gacha game?

A Gacha game is a video game whose main gameplay objective implements the Gacha system. The word “Gacha” comes from an old type of vending machine that was used in Japan and sold toys.

The toys randomly came out of the vending machine and you couldn’t choose yourself. The echo system and other Gacha systems in Gacha games are exactly like that. You can only hope to be lucky enough to get the character you wanted.

Dhalia’s Dislyte Skills

Dhalia Dislyte Character in menu
Introducing Dalia

In Dislyte, during a fight when the espers fight, they use powerful attacks and abilities. Of course, each esper has their own set of unique skills and abilities. They can support, defend or attack. When an esper engages in battle, its abilities evolve.

The type of abilities an esper has depends on its specialty. In our case, Dhalia specialized in accompaniment, and she has the To flow element.

All four of by Dhalia his abilities focus on healing his teammates and making sure they don’t die. Now let’s see all these abilities in detail.

stealth attack

Sneak attack is by Dhalia first skill. It’s an ability that deals 110% attack damage (ATK) to an enemy, and the special effect of the skill is that it also has a 50% chance to stun an enemy for one turn.

shadow attack

Umbra Attack is by Dhalia second skill. This is a vicious ability that attacks the enemy three times and each hit deals damage equal to 50% of Attack (ATK). There is a 70% chance to inflict Speed ​​(SPD) Down for two turns. It also inflicts Freeze status on the enemy.

Sonic Camouflage

It is the third skill of Dhalia, and it grants +25% AP to all friendly espers. Also, he gets the C. Rate Up for two turns. Whether Dhalia is mounted, then it grants +25% AP to all friendly espers and gives you Attack (ATK) Up for two turns alongside the C. Rate Up.

Dhalia Captain Ability in Dislyte

Captain abilities in Dislyte are special abilities that can only be used when the esper is chosen as the team leader or captain. We strongly advise you to use an esper whose ability can benefit all allies and not just itself.

by Dhalia the captain’s ability is support one. This makes it an ideal choice for the Captain as its ability helps all allies. by Dhalia increases the health of all allies by 30%. This can help you greatly when fighting the Ritual Miracle and Sonic Miracle bosses.

Best Relic Sets for Dhalia Dislyte

Relic sets are items that you can mix and match on your espers to upgrade them and their abilities. These are also very similar to the relics you can equip on your character in Genshin Impact. For a support class like Dhalia, we recommend the following sets:

First series

The first set recommended for Dhalia is x4 Wind Awakenerwhich increases the speed (SPD) by 25%, and x2 Adamantine, which causes all allied espers to start the battle with a shield equal to 15% of max HP. It lasts two rounds.

Second series

The second set we recommend is x4 Wind Waker, similar to the first set, and x2 Fiery Incandescence which increases your C. rate by 20%.

PvP Set

The third set we will recommend is for PvP games. Like the other sets, you need to equip x4 Wind Waker and then equip 2x The light above because it starts the battle with immunity and lasts one turn.

For a more detailed look at all the relics found in Dislyte so you can create your own cool sets, we recommend checking out our Dislyte Relics Guide.

Dislyte Dhalia’s playstyle

The style of play of Dhalia is support. His main goal is to make sure his teammates don’t die and that they perform well. With the sets, we recommended you to be the best support Dhalia possible. Dhalia is a very solid healer.

Try to stay behind and don’t rush to kill. Support your team and make sure they are all doing their best this way you will have the power of others and you will also use your own. The playstyle of almost all support espers is based on the phrase “Slow and steady wins the race”.

Dhalia Dislyte Climbs

All espers become more effective each time you level them up using Starimons. Starimons are the essentials for progression in the game. Using a Starimon on an esper levels them up and increases their maximum level along with their abilities. Every esper can be bred six time.

Dhalia Dislyte Level 1 Ascension

when you go up Dhalia for the first time, she will receive a 70% increase in its attack power (ATK) and will receive x15 Basic Flow Wave.

Dhalia Dislyte Level 2 Ascension

After Dhalia reaches her second ascension level in Dislyte, she will get a +950 increase in her Health (HP) and will receive x20 Basic Flow Wave.

Dhalia Dislyte Level 3 Ascension

when you go up Dhalia for the third time she will get an upgrade Sonic Camouflage skill. She will also receive x25 Basic Flow Wave and x15 Advanced Flow Wave.

Dhalia Dislyte Level 4 Ascension

When Dhalia reaches ascension level 4, she will get a 10% increase in her Health (HP). She will also receive Advanced Flow Wave x20 and x10 Elite Flow Wave.

Dhalia Dislyte Level 5 Ascension

After Dhalia reaches her ascension level 5, she will get a 15% increase in her Accuracy (ACC). Dhalia will also receive Advanced Stream Wave x30 and x15 Elite Flow Wave.

Dhali Dislyte Level 6 Ascension

This is the maximum ascension level an esper can achieve in Dislyte. When Dhalia reaches it, she will get a 10% increase in her Speed ​​(SPD). She will also get Advanced Streamwave x40 and x30 Elite Flow Wave.

Advantages and disadvantages of Dhalia Dislyte

Now that we’ve discussed Dhalia in detail, let’s have a basic idea of ​​its pros and cons. It’s a great esper, so there are very few downsides and lots of upsides.


  • by Dhalia second skill can slow and freeze enemies.
  • She can be built right into a tank or have a pretty decent damage build.
  • His first skill can stun enemies.
  • Her first skill being able to stun, makes her an incredibly strong PvP opening esper.
  • It is an attack point (AP) pushing esper that provides attack (ATK) and C. Rate buffs.

The inconvenients

  • Dhalia is only available to traverse the ripple dimension.
  • She can be very stat intensive if you want her to run at her best speed and survivability.


That’s about all you need to know about Dhalia at Dislyte. Personally, I like it a lot mainly because I like playing support classes in MMORPGs. I also love its design.

Dislyte was developed by Lilith Gamesthird publisher and developer of video games in China. If that name sounds familiar, you might know them if you’ve played ARK Arena Where Rise of the Kingdoms. So far, the game has received a mostly positive reception.

If you’re having trouble with something or looking for something in Dislyte, consider checking out our Dislyte Wiki. We are sure you will find everything you want here.

The game also gained a lot of popularity alongside its critical acclaim. Dislyte on Google Play alone has 1 million players. We would love to hear your thoughts on Dislyte in the comments section below.

Dislyte is an RPG that features a turn-based combat system. The game was released in May and gained popularity due to its art style, characters, and aesthetics. The main objective of the game is the Gacha System, which allows players to unlock some of the characters using in-game tricks.