Dislyte Triki: best skills, relic sets and playstyle tips

Dislyte comes with unique characters that belong to different eras. It won’t be wrong if we say they traveled back in time to save the world. The fantastic and eye-catching outfits and physical appearance of these characters are intriguing.

These characters create a feeling that we are in a dimension beyond time. We have characters like Dislyte Drew who look like centuries-old Egyptian gods.

Additionally, characters like Dislyte Tang Yun seem to be from the future. These characters are known as espers in Dislyte, and there are over 60 unique characters to play and upgrade. But, this guide is all about Dislyte Triki. If you are new, go through Dislyte Guide For Beginners.

To get a new character, you need to summon an esper in Dislyte. For this you can use Echo and add game resources. With luck you can get the desired esper.

Also, you can get an esper in the war room. Once inside the War Room, you can trade weaker Espers for a stronger one. You may need to give gold records with weaker espers.

The process is called esper fusion. Additionally, we have explained the process in our guides like Dislyte Fabrice and Dislyte Gabrielle.

How to Summon Dislyte Triki

The Control Esper

The Japanese introduced the Gacha system in mobile games and received positive feedback from users. You must be wondering what Gacha is.

This mechanic is similar to toy vending machines where you put a coin into and receive a random reward. But in games you have to compromise few game resources to receive random reward. In Dislyte, Gacha is known as Echo.

Thanks to Echo, you can summon an esper. However, the results are random. You will get an esper, but which one is not safe.

We suggest you make various attempts, and soon you’ll get a strong esper with a great skill set. Similarly, you can invoke Triki in Dislyte. For more on other espers, check out our guides to Dislyte Catherine, Dislyte Ren Si, and Dislyte Ollie.

Dislyte Triki character information

Dislyte Triki
Triki is blessed by Loki, the god of mischief

He is an esper transformed and blessed by the trickster god Loki. This player’s stylish attire and charisma are pure class. He has supernatural powers and his strong skills are proof of that.

He’s a controlling esper, adept at deflating enemy abilities and buffs. Due to his passive skill, he cannot miss the attack and deals high damage. On esper ranks, check out our Dislyte tier list and best Dislyte characters.

Moreover, he goes crazy over the skill of the revolver. It prevents the enemy from receiving buffs and damages the entire team. Dislyte Triki’s skills can be tricky against any team, and he can be a nightmare for hostiles.

Dislyte Triki Skills

An esper that can control an opponent’s attack and deal high damage is recommended for any team. He is able to inflict a stun while attacking. Incredible isn’t it?

Other than that, it’s not an esper that misses an attack. If he attacks, his ruthless and devastating strikes will deal damage, that’s for sure. Additionally, it attacks all enemies three times.

In other words, it is a bloodthirsty monster that is unleashed on the opponent. Meanwhile, you can check out the skills of other espers through our guides like Dislyte Eira and Dislyte Lynn.

green flames

Green rockets allow Triki in Dislyte attack twice. On the first attack, it deals damage equal to 30% of attack, and on the second attack, it deals damage equal to 110% of attack.

In addition to damage, each attack transfers a debuff to the target. If the transfer is successful, there is a 70% chance to inflict a stun for one turn.

  • Level 2, the damage of the second hit is increased to 90%.
  • Level 3, proc chance increased to 60%.
  • Level 4, second hit damage increased to 100%.
  • Level 5, proc chance increased to 70%
  • Level 6, second hit damage increased to 110%


Triki’s passive ability ensures he doesn’t miss a shot. He will deal damage every time he uses the passive ability, and no defense or buff can withstand his ferocious strikes. Additionally, any enemy that has debuffs ahead of their time will lose 30% of their health.

Additionally, they will also lose their buffs and receive a stun for one turn. This unique ability makes Dislyte Triki a deadly threat to adversaries. If you want to learn more about the passive skills of other espers, guides like Dislyte Berenice and Dislyte Mona Build might help you.


This skill allows him to attack and dispel enemy buffs simultaneously. Really, this skill bleeds the enemy dry because it takes out almost everything.

Triki attacks each enemy three times and deals damage equal to 40% of attack. And there is a 75% chance to dispel a buff from the target.

However, the first strike extends all targeted debuffs by one turn. Additionally, it takes four turns for this skill to cool down.

  • Level 2, damage increased to 105%
  • Level 3, damage increased to 110%
  • Level 4, damage increased to 115%
  • Level 5, damage increased to 120%
  • Level 6, Cool down reduced by one turn

Dislyte Triki Captain Ability

Triki is a controlling esper capable of inflicting high damage and debuffs. These abilities make him suitable for the role of captain in the team.

But the Captain’s main ability that gives him an edge over other espers is increased accuracy for his team. Dislyte Triki can increase the accuracy of all allied espers by 40%.

Here we have some tips for you. Each esper’s captaincy ability is unique and primarily benefits the team. But you must assign the role of captain to an esper whose captain ability supports your strategy.

Also, find your opponent’s weaknesses and focus all your strength on the target’s weaknesses. Before moving on to relics, check out our guides like Dislyte Jacob, Dislyte Li Ling, and Dislyte Tang Xuan to learn more about the captain ability of other espers.

Recommended Relic Sets for Triki

DIslyte Triki
Recommended Relic Set for Triki

Relic sets are essential for bolstering your esper abilities. Now you can either increase the strengths even more or improve the weakness of your esper by using the relics.

Whatever you choose to do, you should keep the limited number of relics in mind. Yes! Slots are limited and you can only use six sets of relics.

Few players completely ignore gear sets as they are not available at the start of the game. relics.

Here we have two recommendations for you. Before going any further, we suggest you check out our guide on Dislyte Relics Guide and Dislyte Pre Register Rewards & Claim Criteria.

Relic set one

This set contains two gears. First, the Wind Walker set will provide your esper with an extra speed boost. Triki’s speed is decent, but he can be even deadlier with more speed. This relic will increase the speed of the esper by 25%, vital in combat.

Second, we have the Apollo’s Bow set. This set is excellent for increasing the accuracy of strikes. This equipment may not be useful for his passive skill, but it is very necessary for other skills.

This relic will improve Dislyte Triki’s accuracy by an incredible 25%. Before going any further, consider checking out the Dislyte Elements Guide and Dislyte Clubs to learn more about Dislyte.

Relic Set Two

This set also contains two gears. First of all, the Wind Walker set is also added to this relic. You may be wondering why we did this. The reason for this is that speed is crucial in battle, and espers with more speed will always have the advantage of dealing more damage to the opponent.

Second, we have a Master Grove set. This set grants increased health points. Your esper’s survival depends on hit points. This relic brings a 25% increase to hit points. With extra health points, you have a better chance of winning.

Dislyte Triki Tips and Playstyle

Triki is a control esper and her skills are amazing. You should include him in your team if his skills are aligned with your strategy. Because without strategy, your team will be crushed by the enemy.

If you choose to use Triki, you should use the relics we have recommended as they will enhance his abilities and make him more resourceful.

Also we suggest you to update Dislyte Triki. This should be done manually as automatic updates often waste your much needed game resources.

The fastest way to level up the esper is through story mode. Play at difficulty level six and reach the highest level in your zone. Another way to improve your esper is to use waves.

As for leveling, our guides like Dislyte Best Leveling Guide For Espers and Dislyte Point War Farming Guide will provide assistance.


The state-of-the-art RPG game produced by Lilithgames is the center of attention around the world. People are obsessed with its unique gameplay, and the futuristic environment makes this game very addictive.

Other than that, it has a turn-based aspect, and players take turns fighting and dealing damage to opponents. The damage inflicted by an esper is proportional to the number of stars and skills.

However, you can level up your espers in different ways. In the meantime, consider checking out the Dislyte Promote Esper Star Rating and Dislyte Pre Register Rewards guides.

This concludes the guide for Triki. We explained how his character and skills could be deadly to an opponent and suggested some relics. We recommend that you summon this esper and enjoy the unique gameplay this esper offers. Also keep in mind the advice we have given you through this guide.