Guild Wars 2 Previews Skill and Balance Changes Coming August 23rd

It’s that time again. The time when Guild Wars 2 showcases the new combat and balance changes heading to the game soon. As the wheel spins, we’ll find new meta builds, nerfed skills, and plenty of cheers and taunts in what looks to be substantial changes for all classes in all game modes!

August is a great month for balancing Guild Wars 2. If you missed August 2n/a Update preview, the team listed a lot of profession changes across all classes, in an effort to balance some builds like the Chronomancer, and in an attempt to revitalize some less popular skills like Banners for Warriors. Of course, while the changes were significant, they just weren’t enough and the team incorporated this second set of skill and balance changes for 23.rd.

In the new update, players will see some changes to perks to accentuate cooperation between players during group events. They also looked specifically at meta builds and attempted to make a wider range of build changes so that there are more viable options for potency and damage based builds. They also nerfed a few builds to make room for more support diversity between classes. The Firebrand and Mechanist have both been staples for party support, and the team wants to balance these support roles so that the Tempest and Druid can be competitive in support situations.

The long list of changes is way too long to list here, but they can be viewed in the balance update preview post on the official forums. If you haven’t logged in for a while and want to check out the new extension, End of the dragonsthen you should definitely head over to our review and see what you’re missing!