How to Unlock Flash Skills in Death End Re; Quest 2

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The end of death re; Quest 2 is to inflict the most damage possible in the least amount of time. That means you’re going to want to have an explosive repertoire of skills – ideally covering all three elements of the game.

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Skills are leveled up in Death end re; Quest 2, and all very well. These skills are quite powerful, but limited in number. If you really want to expand your character’s tool belt, you’ll need to use the Flash skill system.

What are Flash Skills

Death End Re;  Quest 2 Thrust Attack

Flash Skills are skills acquired by mix some skills in your combo. These skills are often more powerful than your standard skills, and unlocking them can dramatically increase your power without having to grind levels for new unlocks.


Each Flash skill is unlocked by using a prerequisite skill, although it is bound to the whim of RNG as to whether it will be learned on the first throw or the 100th. Remember that you can use the same skill three times per turn, which increases the chances of a Flash skill being triggered. Chances can also increase if you are also in Glitch Mode.

Flash skills and how to unlock them


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill May
Lightning skill Skill required
Aparable Fed up Metinark
Luna Gundoll star ray
Lunadyra Sfaltia Tower
Metimavert Luna Gundoll
Paradigm shift Sol spear
Phenia Lunario
Phoneix Ray Sol Spear
Prieapara starwell
Resurrect Metimavert
Rovidbull Sfaltia Selturre
Sfaltia Selturre lacunar saltturre
Sol Spear Metimatil
Sol spear Phenia
Studbull Lunadyra


Death End Re;  2 Flash Skill Rottie Quest
Lightning Skill Skill required
Alice Relive Muddydoble
Star Palza Vizstar Sting
Asteria Vizstar Hans
felt shot Lunachol Tarre
Felt Shot Tarre Lunachol Seltarre
Muddydoble Star Palza
Phoenix Melody Phenia
To restart Metimatil
Robbit Smash Phoenix ray
Robiteble Robbit Smash
speed star Sun Seal
trally flower Felt Shot Tarre
cool valley Vanpeeler
Vanpeeler Tarré Robiteble
Viztar Sauza speed star


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill Liliana
Lightning skill Skill required
Aegis Absorption alive relive
Alice relive Physilight
comet fang Star Palza
Comet Faye A state
Talon of Icarus Metias
Moon Disturb
Lunainbul Lunamerk
Lunamerk disturbed tear
Metibens physical
metilent Aster League
perfect moon To restart
physical solar rock
Physilight Phonibit
To restart Lunainbul
solar rock Robiteet Glare Tarre
solar state Robiteet Glare


Death End Re;  2 Flash Skill Shina Quest
Lightning skill Skill used
Wrong Lunamissimo
Aegis Absorption Kalas Minas Anijin
Kala Minas Anijin Diapathy Lunamis
Diapathy Lunamis Imization Lunamis
Metic Meti
Meimavert Rokudian
Roku Anapsi Lunamispolo
Rokudian Stareig
Stareig achewave
Rigid Rokudein
Traally Sharp trally flower


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill Lily
Lightning skill Skill required
Alice Relive Metibens
Debricave Meti Pulebe
Talon of Icarus Vizstar
Meti Light control Resurrect
Metias Metinfris
Metibens Vizstar Sting
Metide Metin Wint
perfect moon Metide
Billion Vizstar Vizstar Sauza


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill Al
Lightning Skill Skill required
Pants def. Stareig
Moon Soil Pro
perfect moon Soil Promine
Ground elapsed moon rock
Solar eruption Starry Vezerg
Sol spear Solar Strike
Stareig Sol Plosion
Rigid To menace


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill Clea
Lightning skill Skill required
flame of pain blue ball
All Lives Rekindled Cerulean Bullet
Azure ball X-package
Cerulean Bullet Lunar laser
Shooting star moon lightning
star ray earthquake breaker
starwell Moon Beam


Death End Re;  Quest 2 Flash Skill Lucil
Lightning Skill Skill required
death therapy Magius Therapy
Luna Gundoll star ray
Metal Veet Sun Seal
Metimatil Phoenix ray
To restart Phoenix Melody
Solar eruption Phenia
solar pyre solar beam
solar rock solar pyre
Sun Seal Luna Gundoll
solar state Lunario
Magius Therapy Metinark
fresh valley Shooting star


Death End Re;  Cecilia Flash Skill Quest 2
Lightning Skill Competence acquired
Advance End Storm Metide
Advanced Restart A state
Aegis Absorption moon rock
Alice Relive Metibens
Azorable Comet comet fang
comet fang Star Palza
Metal Veet Above the aegis
Metias Metic
Metibens Meti Pulebe
Above Egias Aster League
To restart Advanced Restart

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