Loop Hero devs tell Russian players to hack the game due to sanctions

loop hero Developer Four Quarters is advising Russian gamers to hack their game if they can’t purchase it legitimately, a growing problem due to sanctions imposed on Russia due to the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war.

If you haven’t had a chance to play loop hero, you missed a fun deck-building roguelite game. Players are thrust into a time loop where they must defeat a dastardly Lich. It turned out to be a successful formula – the game sold a million copies and had several updates after launch. Now the developers are advising Russian fans to hack their game if they have no way to buy it.

Why loop hero Developer Four Quarters asks Russian players to hack its game

As Vice Waypoint reports, loop hero Developer Four Quarters addressed Russian gamers in a post on Russian social media site VK. According to this post, Four Quarters is “often asked” how to buy the game on Steam or Nintendo Switch, but it’s getting harder and harder over time.

One of the effects of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war is the imposition of sanctions on Russia by other countries. As a result of these sanctions, the companies had to suspend their activities in Russia. Valve, for example, reportedly suspended payments to developers in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Banking restrictions mean customers cannot legally buy a growing number of products in Russia, including games on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

In short: people in Russia find it difficult to buy loop hero legally – and even if they could, Four Quarters wouldn’t be able to get their money anytime soon. They have since decided to opt for an innovative solution for people who want to play their game but cannot buy it legally: piracy.

“It is not known when all this will end, therefore, in such difficult times, we can only help everyone to raise the pirate flag (with vpn) and share the most popular distribution on the rutracker” reads in a Four Post machine translation of Quarters on VK. Four Quarters’ post included a link to a torrent of their game on rutracker, a popular BitTorrent tracker in the country.

This initial message from VK was followed by a later message regarding donations, adding that “there is nothing wrong with torrents”. The developers say “everything is fine with us”, asking instead that fans send support to friends and family.

The second post ended with Four Quarters’ plans for the future of the game. The next update is about 80% complete, and smartphone versions are in the works. As for PlayStation and Xbox, there are no plans to bring the game to this console at this time. If you haven’t played this great game yourself yet, you can purchase loop hero for PC and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 or your regional equivalent.