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Yesterday, Sheikh Rasheed, who is a government ally and the country’s home minister, tried to convince disgruntled PTI MPs to return to the party and resolve their issues. Good try! But the kind of speech and tone he used was problematic. It refers to the people who are elected PTI MPs who currently oppose the Prime Minister. It refers to the people whose vote can be a game-changer in the motion of no confidence. Yet instead of trying to persuade them to come back and reconsider, he laughed at them to keep them angry.

Prime Minister’s special assistant Shehbaz Gill also abused a party member on a talk show on Thursday. He accused Ramesh Kumar of selling fake drugs. Ramesh Kumar, who left the PMLN in April 2018 to join the PTI, denied the claims.

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First of all, if these people do something illegal, punish them legally. Who is the government to give them a free pass for their misdeeds (if any)? Second, if these people were involved in illegal activities, why didn’t the government reveal it sooner?

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to be very tough on these members. A few days ago, his ministers were proudly saying that some opposition MPs are ready to stab the opposition.

If it is acceptable for some members of the opposition to leave the PDM and support the government, it should be acceptable for members of the government to choose sides as well. Why are they threatened with legal action? Demonstrations were staged outside Sindh House to further aggravate the situation. In short, PTI ensures that these aggrieved individuals never even consider coming back to PTI. So it can be said that the PTI surely lost those voices because of their immature handling of the situation as usual.

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The attitude that PTI has for everyone else is problematic (for themselves). As long as people support them, they are nice. But as soon as they criticize or show a hint of resentment, PTI quickly changes its approach and starts insulting them.

Currently, the government is in trouble. He won the election by a moderate majority, which is why they needed allies. They have formed alliances with other parties like PMLQ, MQM, etc. to form provincial governments in Punjab and KPK. Unlike the PMLN which won the 2013 elections with a large majority, they did not need allies on their side. They easily formed their federal government as well as the provincial government of Punjab. The PMLN did not count on its allies, which is why the opposition at the time did not bother to file a motion of no confidence against Nawaz Sharif because it would not have succeeded.

The PTI, on the other hand, is highly dependent on its allies. He needed their votes to make Imran Khan prime minister. He needed their votes to form the government of Punjab. And now he desperately needs their support against the no confidence motion. The PMLN never needed the support of allies for its survival, but it tried to maintain good relations with all parties. But PTI never realized the importance of good relationships.

Imran Khan was very aggressive when talking about his opponents. He speaks without filters. And it’s a trait that’s also important in his leading players. His certain party members openly challenge everyone. In fact, calling someone is another thing, they mock opponents. They provoke them. They make sure the other person closes the door on their way out.

Imran Khan’s best team has people who create more problems for his government. If he and his comrades were polite in tone, things could be very different. There might not be a motion of censure. Perhaps the opposition would have let him finish his term. Perhaps the opposition would have waited for the next elections, but the members of the PTI constantly provoked them to react. Even when they announced the long march and the sit-in, PTI members continued to challenge them to do so.

PTI needs to change this attitude. Imran Khan has to tell his A-list team to be quiet for a while. He needs to realize that even 100 million people in D Chowk can’t overturn a motion of no confidence if it succeeds. He must speak politely to everyone and convince his allies to stand by him, just as his Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi tried to logically persuade his allies during his conference yesterday. The Prime Minister must listen to the concerns of these aggrieved MPs and get everyone on board, because it will be the MPs of the National Assembly who will vote, not the crowd in D chowk.

About the Author

Rubab Zahra is a writer and analyst at Minute Mirror. She holds an MPhil in Mass Communication from International Islamic University Islamabad.