Sea of ​​Thieves New Pirate Game Adventure Lost Sands

If you’re looking for a new pirate game adventure to keep you busy until June 9, 2022, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the fourth Destiny of Golden Sands Outpost story adventure in the epic pirate adventure game Sea of ​​​​​​Thieves is now underway. Check out the cinematic trailer below to learn more about what you can expect from the adventure.

Lost Sands pirate adventure game

“The fate of Golden Sands Outpost hangs in the balance in Sea of ​​Thieves’ fourth time-limited adventure, Lost Sands. Unlike previous adventures, players can choose which path they wish to follow, either choosing to help rebuild the outpost or dooming it to be shrouded in an ethereal mist.

Obtain supplies to rebuild or answer the summon to ensure it remains in ruins in Sea of ​​Thieves’ next adventure, “Lost Sands”! Set sail and contribute to this community decision until June 9th. The fate of Golden Sands is in your hands…”

“Which side with the most support at the end of the adventure will determine the future of Golden Sands in Sea of ​​Thieves, so weigh your options carefully! Would you like the outpost to return to its former importance? , or would you rather leave it in ruins as a tactical game or a testament to Captain Flameheart’s power?

After the thrilling conclusion of The Shrouded Deep, Merrick found his desire for excitement and adventure rekindled, and has now set his sights on rebuilding Golden Sands Outpost – which was abandoned at the start of the very first adventure, Shrouded Islands. But even as Merrick tries to rally the islanders, a shadowy menace lurks. The Servitor of Flame is determined to keep the outpost in ruins and muster its forces to plot sabotage.

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