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CHENNAI: Hollow Knight is a game about a small person with a skull for a head. The art of the game is cute. The music is comforting. In typical side-scrolling platformer style, we can walk around, talk to people, jump, and chop. Hollow Knight is also the hardest game I’ve ever played.

At the beginning, the game shows us a small part of the story and the labyrinth map of the game. As a skull and crossbones protagonist, now we can go anywhere. The only thing stopping us is the permadeath event when our skull health runs out. The map is largely non-restrictive – meaning there’s really nothing but our skills stopping us from progressing and trying to figure out the story that surrounds this game. starts out simple, combat also evolves to include spells and combos, making the experience customizable. Unfortunately, I have not yet mastered the art of combat.

However, I am now pursuing a different strategy. Somewhere in my hundred respawns, I’m now playing the game almost rhythmically – tilting my skull and jumping over the bugs I already know exist in the next room of the maze.

Arvind, who has played the game more than once, tells me, “It’s all in the game — the sense of discovery as the map unfolds, the eerie music, the balanced combat. It’s a perfect game despite all the ‘bugs’”. Naturally, Hollow Knight fans have been waiting for the sequel – Silksong. The existence of Silksong has been teased for a few years. We’re now exactly five years away from the first game’s release date, but Team Cherry’s small group of developers have yet to officially announce when the next game will be released.

This column has successfully remained, as the internet would call it, an “edgelord” – because at this point I’ve avoided reviewing the big name games that released in February and March. Hopefully this will work eventually, where new players will use this column primarily to identify otherwise unheard of indie games. 5/5 skulls in Hollow Knight. This game is currently available on Switch, PlayStations, Xbox, and PC.