Top 5 Unlockable Skills in Saints Row

Saints Row is a controversial return to the iconic street crime sandbox game from Deep Silver and Volition that picks up the tone of its predecessor. Despite returning to the era of the second entry, the reboot introduces some new elements that alter the flow of combat.

In an odd callback to the franchise’s fourth game, players can get superpowers in this reboot. Rather than being the default game mode, there is a selection of skills that players will unlock over time. They will have to choose their favorites and equip the most powerful abilities to overcome the challenges of the game.

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The best skills in Saints Row

Saints Row features no less than twenty unique skills that range from simple buffs to super combat moves. Players can use Flow, represented by gems above their health bars, to power up a wide variety of unique goodies and win the day.

They can unlock new abilities by leveling up their character, ensuring a steady introduction of new skills throughout the game.

Pineapple Express

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Yes, this is the first skill players will unlock in the game. It’s still great hours later when facing more powerful enemies.

Pineapple Express allows players to grapple enemies, saddle them with a hand grenade, and send them flying. This allows players to stun or debuff strong enemies and turn weaker enemies into living explosives. It’s hard to land thrown enemies close enough to their friends to deal damage, but it’s a powerful technique.

Flaming Punch

Bring the heat (Image via Volition)
Bring the heat (Image via Volition)

Reminiscent of the powerful attacks from Saints Row IV, players can use a real Falcon Punch after level 9. This is a devastating close-range attack that instantly melts swarms of enemies.

This is an inexpensive ability that instantly dusts most enemies. Even stronger armored enemies will be knocked down and weakened. It is a simple and powerful attack that can make the player imperious in battle.


Healing is hard to come by in Santo Ileso, so anything to keep the gang alive is essential. Players can use this skill after level 11 to steal health from enemies they down.

Infusion may not be the most attractive skill, but it is one of the most useful. If takedowns aren’t possible or the player is riddled with bullets, just activate Infusion.


Bring some friends (Image via Volition)
Bring some friends (Image via Volition)

Players who like Saints Row’s premise of being part of a gang might like the ability to call a save instantly. Intercession simply summons nameless saints to help clear up the competition.

Helpful gang members won’t instantly defeat enemies, but they do put a thumbs up in helping the player win. In the worst case, they can call on friends and bail without being prosecuted.

D4th Flowering

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At level 19, players have the power to snatch Reaper from Overwatch. It’s the same name and essentially the same movement.

The player jumps in the air and fires his weapon wildly in all directions. This is effectively the ultimate move of a Saints Row protagonist, so it’s a must-have.

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