Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones pirate game gets a rating following leaks

Ubisoft’s long-delayed pirate game Skull & Bones has finally been rated by the ESRB following hints that it may soon get an official release date.

The multiplayer pirate sim in development for a long time skull bones finally got an official rating by the ESRB. Ubisoft announced the Seafarer title in 2017, instantly drawing comparisons to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, featuring players sailing the oceans on majestic pirate ships and clashing in intense battles. Players will also be able to build their own pirate lairs and recruit crew members as they strive to form a powerful and feared pirate empire.

Although this exciting premise has attracted a lot of attention, skull bones has seen more than its fair share of delays in recent years. It was first held back from its original 2018 launch date, then delayed even further after Ubisoft announced that skull bones would be completely rebooted from scratch to look like a cross between Fortnite and sea ​​of ​​thieves. Further complications arose when the game’s general manager, Hugues Ricour, was removed from his post. Skull bones’ development team following several allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct in 2020, and skull bones senior director Antoine Henry left Ubisoft earlier this year. These upheavals within the game’s development team at Ubisoft Singapore led many to question whether Ubisoft would cancel the project altogether, but the publisher remained committed to publishing. skull bones at some point in its new 2022-2023 launch window.


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skull bones is now set to see its release thanks to a new official rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, as reported VGC. It comes after similar criticism in Brazil and South Korea, with the ESRB rating skull bones M for Mature due to “Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Drugs, Violence.The board also noted skull bones will feature in-game purchases, though it’s unclear if this will come from future DLC packs or smaller microtransactions that have garnered a mixed response from players.

Skull & Bones Pirate Game

Recent rumors suggest that Ubisoft could finally reveal more information about skull bones next 4th of July weekend, including an official release date and new gameplay footage. A few months ago, Ubisoft opened a new Insider program looking for testers for skull bones, suggesting the game’s development is likely further along than originally anticipated. Following its many delays and redesigns, the developer has also placed more emphasis on Skull bones’ multiplayer components, which makes it similar to other Ubisoft titles like The division.

Although the game has seen many development bumps, now that skull bones has an official ESRB rating, it may not be long before the troubled title hits the seas. If recent reports are correct, gamers are eagerly awaiting skull bones might have a more concrete idea of ​​when it will launch in the coming weeks.

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